Our belief in the importance of education and lifelong learning stems from our daily occupation as translators imitating every profession to the point of becoming masters in that field.

At SURV, we provide a wide range of languages solutions for early childhood, K-12, tertiary, and TVET institutions. Our expert linguists and content creators have the versatility to adapt to any subject or audience to get your message across.

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Professional Education Translations

We recognize that access to education is critical to establishing a world of citizens in which everyone has the opportunity and right to participate. Our team members have educational backgrounds, and many of them are also educators and trainers in addition to being linguists.

We have an abundance of experience providing education translation, proofreading, and formatting services for schools, Institutions & Public sector entities.

The most prevalent content in the field of education include:

  • E-Learning courseware
  • Academic papers
  • Textbooks
  • Prospectuses
  • Campus brochures
  • Staff handbooks
  • Management training materials
  • Early development and education materials 
  • Presentations 
  • Teaching materials 
  • Financial information 
  • Marketing material 
  • Recommendations 
  • Reports 
  • Letters 
  • Student and parent questionnaires

Transforming content to deliver an incredible learning experience

Extensive research, a rock-solid plan, a good story, and a tried-and-true editorial team that can develop material that empowers the reader and motivates them to action are the keys to content creation success.

At SURV, we help you identify what sort of content you could and should create based on your strategy and objectives.

Content we can support you with:

  • Educational websites design
  • Microcopies for websites
  • Social media copywriting
  • Blog content writing
  • White papers writing
  • Editorial style guides
  • Graphical content and illustrations
  • Speeches & presentations


Cost-effective live video interpretation (LVI)

As schools across the globe continue with distance learning, Video Remote Interpreting in Education settings proves to be an important way for students to communicate, learn and interact with each other. The number of students, parents, and caregivers in need of language support grows as the Middle East continues to become more linguistically and culturally diverse.

 SURV live video interpreting is a flexible service that fits around you and can be set up within minutes, ideal for meetings and e-learning, and very economical compared to face-to-face interpreting.

Engaging Subtitles for Education

The world of education is becoming more intertwined with technology. To ensure that educators, students, and those with hearing loss can successfully use videos in their learning experience, SURV has created a solution that is easy to use and requires no extra effort.

Using professional conversion software, along with highly experienced, qualified linguists, we are able to provide e-learning subtitles in a variety of different formats. Our team accurately captures the cultural nuances of your video content and provides you with time-synchronized captioning that makes your videos more engaging.

We offer high-quality audio transcription services that are perfect for students, teachers, and education managers who need transcripts regularly.

Prior to joining, James taught at The Arabic University, the Beirut Institute of Management Institute of Management.

Public Sector Domains

  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • University
  • the Beirut Institute of Management
  • and served in the Institution.
  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • and served in the Institution.

Content & Documents

  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • University
  • the Beirut Institute of Management
  • and served in the Institution.
  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • and served in the Institution.

Innovative language solutions tailored to the specific needs of each education stage.

Our translation services cater to the specific requirements of each educational stage.

Primary: During this stage, visuals play a crucial role in child education, so educational institutions can benefit from our [content generation] services to engage their students and develop their reading and comprehension capabilities.

 Middle: Students in this stage require a good balance between simplicity and complexity. They also start at this stage to explore individual interests, which is why engaging them in specific topics is vital. We can assist you with [editing], [proofreading], and [formatting] of all teaching materials, as well as any education-related documents.

Secondary: In this stage, students perform more independent work than their younger peers, and that is why testing is necessary. We offer data extraction as well as [formatting] services to assist toy with standardized examinations and after-testing grading rubrics.

Post-Secondary: Education in this stage is highly specialized. SURV has a team of experienced linguists and [academic writers] with knowledge in a wide range of subjects, allowing it to provide support in this advanced level of education.

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