& Public Sector

As the dynamics of the public sector shift, many governments and public organizations are taking on new impact-driven approaches to several aspects of this wide-ranging realm. Whatever the context, our human-powered language and knowledge solutions are delicately designed to enable you to communicate with your constituents effectively and fluently, taking one less barrier out of the way. With years of solid experience and expertise, our  team of handpicked professionals  work hand in hand to deliver, at record turnaround times, high-quality content accurately and smoothly crafted in the target language, while observing the strictest standards of confidentiality at all times.

Our portfolio of public sector clients is as extensive as our knowledge base across various themes and industries.

We have cemented our position locally and regionally through long-term engagements and collaborations with various government entities and public sector actors, helping them navigate transformational journeys and enabling clear and effective communication and reach.

  • International Organizations
  • Central and Local Governments
  • Government Agencies
  • Ministerial departments
  • Non-departmental government bodies
  • Executive organizations
  • Public Administration and Institutions
  • Public Banks
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • NGOs

Your Gateway to the Arab world

Are you doing business in Arab countries and need to translate your technical documents from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English? SURV Linguistics has been serving the business communities of Arab countries for over 5 years. We have built a solid reputation and earned great respect by providing professional, high-quality linguistics services in both translating and interpreting. Our in-house team of experienced linguists along with our cutting-edge management systems allow us to take on projects of any size or complexity and deliver them on time every time.


Our language services encompass all areas of the public sector, from education and healthcare to urban planning and digitization.

Public Sector Domains

  • National government and policies
  • Political commentary
  • Social policies
  • Economy and finance
  • Health and education
  • Tourism and culture
  • Energy and environment
  • Strategy and organization
  • Transformation and digitization
  • Urban planning

Content & Documents

  • Government forms and contracts
  • Legal documents and legislative briefs
  • Press releases, public statements, and speeches
  • Public information in digital and print formats
  • Training and e-learning materials
  • Internal communications
  • Reports and white papers
  • Social media profiles
  • Program documentation and literature
  • High-level presentations and proposals

Interpreting Services

The recent boom in webinars, online meetings, and virtual conferences imposed a new reality on the whole world. Driven by health concerns and travel restrictions, coupled with time and resource constraints, the trends of remote and hybrid working swept the globe, generating increased demand for interpretation services.

If you are seeking live language assistance on future online interactions, our network of accredited and experienced interpreters have got your back so that you are always one step ahead.