You undoubtedly believe that providing excellent care to all people – regardless of language, background, or ability – is the right thing to do. As the community you serve becomes more culturally diverse and multilingual, it can be challenging to work around obstacles and barriers, if not backed by a reliable language partner.

Our Arabic translators and interpreters are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge of advanced healthcare and medical terminology. We are extremely proud to be the go-to language provider for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the Middle East.

Health Sector

Professional Health Insurance Translations

Healthcare insurance plans and coverage policies require a large number of technical documents that must be concisely translated in order to ensure informed consent from policyholders and compliance with local healthcare laws.

We have one of the largest Arabic terminology databases in healthcare, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech industries, allowing our professional linguists to translate all technical terms accurately and quickly.

Digital Healthcare Translation Services

The digital revolution has transformed many industries in the Gulf region, including the healthcare sector. To provide more accurate and efficient healthcare, digital health makes use of modern information technologies such as smartphones, telemedicine, and big data. However, in order to deliver the desired results and comply with local regulations, healthcare providers must accurately translate a variety of content into Arabic or English. This is why you need SURV. We provide ISO 27001 certified language translation services for all digital health technology solutions with quality and speed.

Health Forms Translation Services

Do you need to translate patient forms, informed consent forms, immunization records, physical examination reports, or health risk assessment forms? We translate all types of health forms accurately and quickly. Many health forms are in scanned files or PDF format, which complicates the translation process. However, SURV has a solution. We have created a highly automated workflow to extract health form content and then format the translated results to match the layout of the source document.


We are the preferred language solutions partner for organizations, manufacturers, and operators seeking timely, reliable, and secured professional translation, localization, and interpretation services:

Organizations we are proud to SURV

  • Clinics
  • Community Health Centers
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Health Insurance
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Public ministries and entities
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • School Healthcare Departments
  • Telehealth providers

Content & Documents

  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • University
  • the Beirut Institute of Management
  • and served in the Institution.
  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • and served in the Institution.

On-Demand Live Interpretation

Increased operational efficiency is the result of meaningful language access. When you interact in a patient’s preferred language, you can cut the time required for each encounter in half. In addition, you reduce the number of diagnostic tests that would otherwise be ordered.

SURV provides instant round-the-clock access to thousands of experienced, highly qualified interpreters trained in healthcare settings 24/7, using secure video.  If you are a non-Arabic speaker living in the Gulf region, SURV is your trusted and confidential interpreter service providing quality access to English interpreters allowing you to communicate easily and efficiently.

We provide high-quality video interpretation services for healthcare live conferences and meetings.

Why healthcare players have unwavering trust in SURV?


Expect highly professional and certified translators to produce top quality  content tailored to the needs of professionals and patients.


Get in touch with qualified, professional translators and interpreters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because we – just like you – know that certain things can’t be put off.


Being ISO 27001 certified is vital for us, as it reflects our long-standing commitment to optimizing our security practices to ensure that we have robust procedures in place.

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