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You can easily get lost in translation with so many business concepts and models emerging and challenging legacy processes and existing practices. This is why you need high-quality Arabic translation for your business material and documentation, where the main focus is not on delivering word-for-word rigid texts but rather on relaying the meaning and essence of your ideas.

It is no wonder that some of the world’s leading consultancies entrust us with translating a wide range of proposals and presentations into Arabic. Our translators and language experts are native speakers who have a deep understanding of target markets and unique insight into the GCC and Arab countries.

Why is Strategic Consulting Translation so important to my company?

The answer to this question is quite simple. If you are servicing international customers, you need to operate in a highly efficient environment. However, building a translation solution in Arabic is like no other challenge you’ll face. You need a skilled and experienced partner who understands the intricacies of business transformation terminology, jargon, and syntax.

We can overcome this challenge by synchronizing our language with your business across the Arab World. We assign a language expert with in-depth knowledge of the industry and subject matter to work on your translation. The language expert will be a native speaker of the target language to help guarantee the accuracy and efficiency of the translation process.

What we can do for your business is not limited by the number of words that need to be translated, we’re here to assist you to fine-tune your workflows and processes for optimal results.

Flawless Translation

Our expert translation services go beyond the standard translation, word-for-word approach, to deliver high-quality output, tailored to meet the needs of your project.

Native Speaker Review

We value translation accuracy and consistency, so we find native speakers to approve each translation before it’s delivered.

Formatting and Style Guidelines

With our formatting services, you can get ahead of the curve by having your content drafted in advance, so you can outline exactly how each section should look and feel.

Collective Experience

We assign a team of language and subject matter experts that understand your objectives and communicate effectively and accurately with your stakeholders.


Prior to joining, James taught at The Arabic University, the Beirut Institute of Management Institute of Management.

Public Sector Domains

  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • University
  • the Beirut Institute of Management
  • and served in the Institution.
  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • and served in the Institution.

Content & Documents

  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • University
  • the Beirut Institute of Management
  • and served in the Institution.
  • Prior to joining
  • James taught at The Arabic
  • and served in the Institution.

We are a leading provider of business transformation translation services. We offer a full range of professional translation solutions that can help you reach your goals and adapt to a rapidly evolving environment. With our professional team, we can guarantee timely and error-free delivery of your translated content.

Content is king, but too much content can be a burden. If your documents have features and benefits that need to be communicated to a customer, why not use summarization to help? SURV offers a service that summarizes large amounts of text into bite-sized and easy-to-digest bits of information.

Human Resources Translation Made Easy!

Redesigning a company’s structure and manner of operation is the first step in business transformation. We can support your company in creating an inclusive and well-informed workplace by accurately, consistently, and properly translating all your communications.

We pay close attention to technical aspects, and as part of the HR communications translation process, we will analyze and identify any sections of your material that require cultural adaptation or localization. We can provide maximum secrecy and peace of mind throughout the translation process thanks to our encrypted infrastructure.

SURV translates a wide variety of human resources documents. Some examples include:

  • Internal newsletters
  • Intranet content
  • Onboarding booklets
  • Activity reports
  • Job descriptions
  • Meeting Notes
  • Safety protocols
  • Employment contracts
  • Training documentation
  • Employee surveys
  • Executive Summaries
  • And more