Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic you would like to address and then converting this idea into a final product. If you have a great story to tell but no idea where to begin, then our content creation services may be right up your alley!

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Social Media Content Creation

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Technical Content Writing

Easy, Simple & Consistent Content

Our team crafts accurate content through research and collection of pertinent material. At SURV, we work with you to produce the most comprehensive, impactful and engaging content possible. Our team of technical content writers has the brainpower to take your idea and create high-quality, engaging content.


SURV provides a full spectrum of technical writing services, including content design, content strategy, copywriting, single-source publication and content management.

We have a professional team of technical writers, developers, web designers and project managers who collaborate seamlessly to provide high-quality technical writing services.



Our business proposal writers have written, edited and optimized proposals for clients in practically every major industry and have the secret to making them successful.


Article writers at SURV have years of experience in writing for print media. Our staff of writers will generate pieces for you that range from light and informal to technical and in-depth, and that will seamlessly flow into your publications.


Our technical content writers and translators help global companies develop and translate technical instruction manuals efficiently. We translate the key terminology of product instruction manuals into the target language, transforming them into practical and digestible content.


Our professional resume writers understand what hiring managers are searching for, allowing us to produce industry and job-specific resumes.


Our whitepaper services provide industry-specific information and document design while promoting your products and services as the ideal solution.

Email Writing Service

We create simple and catchy emails. Our email writing service makes it easy for you to share a professional-looking message.


SURV strives to provide accurate technical writing services, which is why we have streamlined our intricate writing solutions into an innovative procedure. To assure our dedication to providing high-quality professional technical writing services, we adhere to a strong workflow that comprises the following steps:

  1. Information Collection
  2. Project Execution
  3. Technical Writing
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Delivery
Social Media Content Service

Impactful Content Generation

We assist our clients in creating and optimizing content for all social media platforms. We understand the intricacies of your business, your goals and your target audience, then develop relevant collaterals.

Impactful Content Generation

All for results-oriented content. SURV’s Content Strategy solution assists brands in achieving amazing results on social media by developing a content strategy that effectively reaches your target consumers.

Why choose our SM Content Strategy?

Get better results from your content

We guarantee relevant and appropriate social media material. Receive a well-structured plan outlining your posts and target platforms.

Content your audience will care about

Our content strategists investigate your target audience to provide you with a strategy that delivers. One of our primary social media services aims is to link you with your target audience.

Content strategy built on insights and knowledge

We provide an in-depth analysis of your content performance, competitors and other industry trends to develop a plan that is customized to your business and its unique needs.
Social Media Content Creation

Impactful Content Creation

We take great care in creating content that is both useful and engaging. We craft the perfect mix of creativity, design and functionality.

Photo & Graphic Assets

We strive to offer original photographs whenever feasible, whether created by our team or received from your own customers.

Video Content Creation

We have the expertise to create high-quality video content that will intrigue and engage your audience. Hook them with any of our video forms/types.

Social Copywriting

We bring together the best of creativity and careful strategy to create meaningful brand and product messages that deliver results.
Blog Content Writing

Trustworthy Blog Writing Service

We write captivating texts that get the results you need. From blog posts to press releases, we can write any type of content your brand needs and make it shine.

Professionally Written Blogs

We provide you with expert blog writers to write high-quality blog posts for you, with the support of a team of skilled reviewers

SEO Optimized Blog Articles

Our writers use keyword research and SEO best practices to craft blogs that drive traffic and increase your brand visibility, while improving user engagement.

Industry Writers

Our wordsmiths come from different backgrounds, each with their own unique magic and experience.

Unlimited Revisions on Your Blogs

We offer the perfect solution to help you get your message across. Enjoy full control of your topic and present it in the way that is most appropriate.

100% Original Content

We have various physical and automated procedures in place for detecting plagiarism, so we can guarantee that each word you order will be authored specifically for you (and you alone).

Customized Writing Packages

We know the hassle; planning and writing a blog can be a real challenge. That's why we've designed a set of affordable packages that are specifically tailored to your needs and budget.
Professional Copywriting Services
We plan and craft great messages. Every word, phrase and paragraph has a purpose and that is to drive your prospect one step closer to their objective. We help you craft the best message with the highest possible impact.

Your Total Content Needs List

Our copywriting services cater to your writing needs, helping you communicate your brand values and message, whether it is a pitch-perfect copy that energizes your audience or a simple copy that embodies the message you want to convey.
We do it all!

SEO Copywriting Services
Ad Copywriting Services
UX Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Services

SURV assists you in producing SEO-friendly web content to raise a website's search engine rating and increase conversions. We help your website outrank its rivals with our SEO copywriting services.

Ad Copywriting Services

Together we'll develop a strategy that attracts prospects. We will then write effective ad copy that turns those visitors into your customers.

UX Copywriting Services

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their sites are user-friendly, informative and easy to navigate from start to finish. We ensure an optimal experience for both users and search engines.
Content Summarization

Rock-Solid Summaries

We use at SURV the most suitable tools that will help us preserve context and provide you with a clear overview of all information.
Extractive Summarization
In order to save you time and help you rapidly grasp the major points of your document(s), we extract the most relevant sentences. Receive a condensed version of your information, tailored to the contraction you have specified.



We employ cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, the sturdiest computers and the safest servers to maintain the privacy and security of all your data.


Our professionals manage any project and have the resources to rapidly expand if necessary.


We apply the most refined quality check process to ensure that every product is crafted according to the high-quality standards you expect.

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