The adaption of content for foreign audiences is referred to as localization. In contrast to translation, which is concerned with translating the written word from one language to another, localization is concerned with ensuring that your material is culturally appropriate for your target audience. We provide refined localization services with a combination of experience and tested tools to help you build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Marketing & Communication

Website Localization

Software Localization

App Localization

Marketing & Communication

Reach new markets with confidence

Our team at SURV is dedicated to helping you reach your customers and business goals. Whether you are working with a partner in the MENA region or looking to expand into new markets, we can ease your journey through our distinct localization services.

  • Emails
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Web pages
  • Social media posts and more.

With high-quality, brand-aligned messaging across customer touchpoints, you can deliver impact all over the world.

Website Localization

Detail-oriented website localization

We can help you translate your website to ensure the content resonates with your target audience. Our website localization approach allows you comprehensive control over every word and design aspect that is transformed to reach your target market.

Personalize your customer journey with SURV’s human-powered localization services.

Software localization

Localizing Software Effectively

Without proper localization, your product may not have the same impact on international users as on those in your native country. From translation and UX optimization to software testing, our experts help you reach your target audience with ease and confidence.

App Localization

Localizing Apps Effectively

To create a significant impact, your apps should be designed and tailored to the needs of users in their own language. At SURV, we understand the language localization process and have a team of experts that are ready to help you with the translation and customization of your app.

Do you need help with your next localization project?