At SURV, translation is a multi-layered process that goes beyond mere automatic word-for-word text conversion. A team of skilled subject-matter translators are assigned to handle the project, with clear instructions and comprehensive glossaries and references. The translated draft is then reviewed by senior editors with a sharp eye for detail to improve the overall readability of the initial output, followed by a proofreading or quality check layer to spot any mistakes that may have slipped through the cracks.

Human-Powered Translation

Design & Formatting Services

Interpreting Services

Fast Document Translation

Fast and efficient service, in just 24 hours

We offer urgent translation services covering:
  • Contracts
  • Training and Instruction Documents
  • Briefs and Presentations
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Social Media Copies
  • Operations Guides
  • Policy Handbooks And more
Technical Translation

The leader in Technical Translation Services

SURV Linguistics offers specialized translation services from Arabic into English and vice versa. We offer a structured approach to implementing these language combinations. Our dedicated subject-matter experts work closely with skilled linguists to ensure that the message is translated precisely and effectively communicated in the target language.

Why trust SURV with your technical
translation project?

Industry Experts

We work as a team of dedicated experienced linguists and subject-matter specialists to make sure your message is conveyed with the proper tone and grammar and utmost accuracy.

This is our Foundation

We started with technical translation and continue to excel in it. We believe our years of experience in the industry have taught us how to provide the best technical translation services.

Consistency Control

Our Consistency Control tool allows us to make sure that the style and terminology used across all your translation projects remain consistent.

Secure Process

With ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security Management System, SURV has put in place policies and procedures to protect documents during translation and delivery.

Need to translate documents urgently?

SURV can help you meet your deadline.

Design & Formatting Services

Professional Design Services

Formatting and graphic design take many shapes for both print and web all over the world. Graphic designers spend a great deal of time formatting documents to look just right in Arabic as well as in English.

Regardless of how complex or dynamic your layout is, our graphic designers ensure that your final delivery is ready for your target audience with precise formatting and typesetting based on best practices for each language.

Document Solutions We Offer

Don’t be concerned about the type, length, or number of documents that need to be formatted and polished. We have a complete staff of graphic design professionals who are skilled at formatting documents according to the customer’s specifications.

Here are some of the document formatting services we provide:

  • Visual Resumes
  • Financial Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Training Documents
  • Booklets and Manuals
  • Official Papers
  • Questionnaires and Survey Forms
  • PowerPoint Presentations And more

Enhance your story with our presentation
development service

Our strategy team will assist in removing noise and organizing content in a logical manner that delivers a clear story from start to finish. We are ready to work with you no matter where you are in your process.

We offer a range of presentation design solutions to suit your needs from ideation to post-production.

New Presentation Design

Our presentation specialists will create a completely personalized product for your business event. We will manage content to create a powerful presentation that your audience understands, based on an outline or source material.

Existing Presentations Redesign

Our presentation specialists will convert your current slides into a professional, high-quality presentation that matches your brand specifications. Using your current presentation as a basis, we will reduce your material down to core ideas and use our design expertise to energize and present your story in a fresh way.

Custom Graphic Development

Our expert in-house illustrators will draw inspiration from your material to produce stunning made-to-order visuals that are clear and straightforward, allowing your presentation to stand out.


Our styling guide packages are all about inspiration!

Whether you are publishing content across print or online platforms, a language style guide that maintains confidence and consistency is an essential tool for any type of content.

Explore our styling guide design packages to create the ultimate style guide for your brand or business

Brand Identity Style Guide

We develop a brand book that explains how to use your company’s logo, colors, images, typography, and messaging. Our branding professionals create social media postings that emphasize posts, advice, and calls to action. Great storytelling with eye-catching graphics and images captivate audiences.

Our multifaceted service includes:

  • Creating a logo
  • Choosing a color palette with a brand’s primary and secondary colors
  • Selecting brand fonts
  • Generating unique brand design elements
  • Creating business card design

Editorial style guide

We have a network of top-ranked academic linguists and visual experts that provide unparalleled services to help you communicate your message and maintain your language voice and style.

Our professional service includes:

  • An overview of your brand or company
  • Grammar & linguistics standards
  • Content formatting guidelines
  • Internal & external communication practical guidelines

Social media style guide

Social media holds the key to enhancing and developing your brand’s voice. But without a style guide, this can become chaotic and confusing.

Our superlative social media style guide includes:

  • An overview of your brand or company
  • Grammar & linguistics standards
  • Digital writing guidelines
  • Platform-specific guidelines

Are you ready to do away with the burden
of inconsistency and cumbersome design tasks?

Interpreting Services

Video Remote Interpreting Services

The recent boom in webinars, online meetings, and virtual conferences imposed a new reality on the whole world. Driven by health concerns and travel restrictions, coupled with time and resource constraints, the trends of remote and hybrid working swept the globe, generating increased demand for interpretation services. ​

If you are seeking live language assistance on future online interactions, our network of accredited and experienced interpreters have got your back so that you are always one step ahead.